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Get your CV ready

Make sure to complete the following actions before you arrive on campus.

The “Impactful CV Writing” module aims to help you to get your CV ready for recruiters by the end of your first month at HEC Paris. This module is made up of three videos (links below), designed to give you the information you need to write an impactful, MBA-level CV.

The stages of watching the videos and drafting your CV represent a significant amount of work. It is important that you complete this preparation work to fully benefit from the in-person CV session during your first week on campus.

Advice from an expert

The videos in this module, designed to help you to perfect your CV, have been designed and developed by our CV experts.

First steps for creating your HEC Paris CV

Build your HEC Paris CV with the HEC Paris template, available here.

You will build your CV by:

  • Watching the three following videos and using the achievements-based approach and HEC CV template.
  • Upload your CV on the platform VMock (details below) to upgrade it and obtain a score higher than 85.
  • Finalizing your CV during a workshop held during your first weeks on campus.
  • Attend the 1:1 CV review session after the workshop.

Watch the three specially designed videos:

Webinar #1 Creating a Master CV and a Targeted CV

Content summary:

  • Benefits of creating a Master CV
  • Elements to include with detailed examples
  • Reasons to create a Targeted CV and recommended structure for the HEC template
  • When to use a profile summary and which elements to include

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between a Master CV and a Targeted CV
  • Build a Master CV
  • List the elements to include in a profile summary
  • Start creating the first draft of your HEC Targeted CV

Webinar #2 Writing your CV using an achievements-based approach

Content summary:

  • Responsibility/task-based CV vs achievements-based CV
  • Definition of an achievement
  • How to construct a bullet point (content and format)
  • Dos and Don’ts regarding vocabulary, grammar, syntax

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between a responsibility/task-based CV and an achievements-based CV
  • Write an achievement-based bullet point that incorporates a result
  • Identify potential quantifiers for achievements
  • Apply the recommended structure for an effective achievements-based bullet point

Webinar #3 Crafting a CV to support your career switch

Content summary:

  • Considering the types of switch
  • Identification of transferable skills
  • Elements to research
  • Selection & adaptation of content, including profile summary, job titles and achievements
  • Relevance of extra-curricular activities

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • List the elements to research before crafting your CV
  • (Re)-Position your profile in line with a career goal
  • Select and adapt the relevant achievements for a career switch
  • Identify how to use extra-curricular activities to your best advantage for a career switch

– Read and study the supporting material for these videos.

– Begin working on your Master CV.

Get advice from Vmock

Before attending your 1-to-1 CV review, please upload your CV to the Vmock ResourceVMock  is a powerful artificial intelligence platform that provides feedback on your first draft of a CV.