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HEC Talents

The Career Center at HEC Paris

Introduction to HEC Talents (Career Center)

HEC Talents (Career Center) offers a unique approach in helping you to achieve your career transformation, starting before your arrival on campus and continuing until graduation.

We provide a range of services to enable you to make informed career decisions that are aligned with your personal values and professional goals.

We work with you so that you gain the skills and tools to make your own career choices and to proactively manage your professional development.

Some of the key elements include:

  • A specific MBA Career Curriculum to help you define and achieve your career goals.
  • A Career and Corporate Development Management Team providing 1-to-1 support to help fine-tune your job strategy.
  • An Employer Engagement and Events team dedicated to facilitating the connection with companies and recruiters, via on campus recruitment events and student treks.

Our Approach

Our program is structured around three main steps:

  • Know Yourself:

    We recommend that you start your transformation journey by a reflection on your skills and competences. We offer a program of self-assessment exercises, workshops and one-on-one counseling to help you understand and articulate your strengths, preferences and key motivations.

  • Know the Market: 

    We believe that in order to achieve a successful career transformation it is also necessary to have a good understanding of the current markets. Therefore, we encourage you to attend career fairs, company presentations, MBA club events and company treks and to leverage our 68,000+ strong Alumni network.

  • Match Yourself to the Market:

    The final step is to make it happen! Finalize your career action plan and make sure you take advantage of our specialized workshops and training sessions on interviewing and negotiation skills, among others.

Connecting with Recruiters

  • MBA Career Week, MBA Internship Day
  • MBA May Career Fair
  • MBA Retail & Luxury Career Forum
  • Company presentations on Tuesday nights throughout the year
  • HEC International Consulting Fair
  • HEC International Finance Fair
  • HEC Carrefours Career Fair
  • HEC Spring Career Fair
  • Sector-focused career fairs – digital, impact, retail/luxury/life sciences
  • Regional-focused career fairs – Asia, Africa, Germany

What to do before your arrival on campus

HEC Talents (Career Center) offers a unique approach in helping you achieve your career transformation, starting before your arrival on campus and continuing until graduation.

Get your CV Ready

As part of our HEC Talents (Career Center) program, we have developed a MANDATORY pre-course module, ‘Writing an Impactful CV’. Completing this module will enable you to have your HEC Paris CV ready for recruiters, alumni and networking opportunities.

Access the CV-writing module

Resources for jump-starting your career search

Our Databases

Once you have your HEC email and identification, you can start accessing the HEC Talents (Career Center) job-search databases. Download the complete list here.

Career Guides

If you’re interested in a specific sector or industry, these guides are the perfect resources to boost your knowledge.

Top recruiting guides:
Sector-specific guides:



Though they are not a mandatory part of the MBA curriculum, many participants complete internships to help with their career transformation.

Read more about internships

Cover Letter

Most companies request that applicants submit a cover letter with your CV, explaining which job you are applying for and why you are interested in it. A sample of one of these letters of motivation can be found here. Alternatively, follow the advice of Daniel Porot by clicking here.

First days on campus

During your first days on campus, you are invited to attend “Meet the HEC Talents team” where you will have a chance to meet our team and learn which sector they specialize in.

You will start the five mandatory Career Essentials workshops:

  • Know Yourself Foundations
  • Intro to Career Strategy
  • Network for Your Success
  • Impact for CV Writing
  • Build your Personal Brand

As part of your careers program, you will have a dedicated Career Advisor who will conduct your first career counseling session.

Expect a full schedule of workshops and group sessions, which we hope, will ensure you are equipped to reach your professional goals

A few words from career coaches 

“Be curious – Dare to talk to people working in the Finance industry – you may discover positions that both fit your skills and your ambition”Ferdinand Petra

“Keeping in mind where you come from, go and build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs” – Iva Fiori

“Networking is the MBA student’s best friend. Enjoy without moderation and double your chances to hit the job of your dream” – Sophie Drouard

“Make the most of what we offer here by exploring all the fields to which you’re attracted and those you’ve never dreamt of – you may be pleasantly surprised by the direction your career could take!”Kandice Cordner-Wuilleme